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Manjunath Rao ( Tilak)

Founder of PIXIGA & Lead Photographer


To build a successful  business you need  talent, passion and a love for what you do. But talent and passion need to walk alongside hard work in order to achieve great results.

I have proven all the qualities needed to build and maintain a high level of standards with the styling business over the years. Confident &  dedicated  Photographer  in Bangalore.


Lead Photographer &  Short Movie Maker


Confident and dedicated photographer  in Bangalore with experience in both professional and freelance photography. Holds nearly 20 years of working experience with great variety in order to tackle any photo & Videography job quickly and effectively.

Intimately familiar taking high quality digital photographs, Short films including framing, selecting and setting up lighting, and determining advanced shutter and lens options.

Prioritizes communication on the job to avoid errors. A candidate that combines a long professional career with dedicated freelance photography ideals and loyalty

IMG-20200329-WA0012.jpg  Hotel Photographer
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